AfricaInAmerica: July 26-28, 2012 (Three-Day Engagement)

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Creating what I believe will save me from the hands of my evils and the eyes of those who despise my wishes of success. Do you…do you believe in second chances? Another chance in saving your past, while holding your future in place for possession. Closed my eyes and I became enthused, by the fact that you have reached me through the discovery of fault. I am lost in the fact that now, a collective unit exists. A unit that wishes to reach a state of excellence, admirable even by the budding intellectual. The only desire, make history. The only journey that will bring forth this result, is the beginning of what I would like to call: AfricaInAmerica 


We are here. Currently standing, in the crossroads of the dissection of an old age religion. The analysis of an empire, creating and separating lives each and every day. The red, white and blood spirit, that taps the dollar’s last vein for survival and kisses the dreams of the entrepreneur away; creating a tumultuous romance, oh so hard to dispose of.

Let us bow our heads for the remembrance of those who place their lives on the line for this religion, the only religion where the doctrine becomes a figment of scrutiny each day. Underneath the trifecta of colors presenting waves of honor, achievement and strife, you can hear the feet of millions still beating the ceiling with their fists. Beating their fists waiting for a reprise, as their chains assist their chants, cries and screams.

With much to address, we can waste but so much time. Every hour, every minute, every second will now serve as an observance, but also a celebration of us. We want to create an observance of excellence, where we place our beauty, our talent, and our creativity on a pedestal, for all to see. Join myself and artists alike, in creativity and color for three nights of indulgence in what we would like to call AfricaInAmerica.

**AfricaInAmerica will be exhibited in collaboration with the gallery space at Tiny Cup Cafe, a vibrant garage turned artist haven, nestled on the corner of Nostrand and Clifton in Brooklyn’s thriving Bedford-Stuyvesant community. From July 26th-28th from 7-9pm, this exhibition will feature the works of emerging artists: Carisa Bledsoe, Howie Borden, Amanda Spruill,  and Anthony J. Thomas to name a few, creating a three night engagement highlighting the work of more than ten plus artists.

July 26-27: 7-9pm

July 28: Concluding Brunch: 2-9pm

As always an observance.