GoodMorning, Glory



Run, run faster than you ever have before, because this time…this time, the evils know what becomes of a soul, when it succumbs to the idea of destruction. I was chased, still being chased and the worst part? I hold hands with the demons who consistently rip my wardrobe of hope to pieces. I look into the dynamics of my mind and heart deprived of something they both desire and I find the two only converse, to bring reason and rationality to light. When I kissed my past to sleep, I told myself, any heart that finds its way into my life will never feel the war of words, feelings and emotions, I bring when I am indifferent. I am now, with a complimentary period of acknowledging my past, while building a vision that will outlive time…well my time.  I cried, then my father (God) let me know there are only so many things to cry of. But the next time we cry, let the blessings sing the melody that will bring tears to the eyes, of the people I love the most…the tune of joy and the soundtrack of a man making history. Building. How much of my heart can you see in this post, I hope you see enough. GoodMorning.