Dominic Lord.: “PIERCE” Visual.

As I must confess it is a beautiful thing, when one finds inspiration and even more beautiful when one discovers a muse. This film is by Dominic Lord, and it has been on my video queue for quite some time, for multiple reasons far  away from the incredibly crafted styling, which takes the video to heights of luxury far to regal to explain. The idea of moving art, is a motif that should be appreciated as well as exemplified in the visual aspect of music and this video serves as a true testimony. Everything from the sound, to the look and feel of the video is executed to immense precision, producing an effect that alters the brain, for the two minutes and three seconds that it consumes. The concept of the video respectfully focuses on motion, and the torment of the mind as the body tries to configure the physical manifestation of loss and eventually hurt. The director Aram Bedrossian, is an individual I must meet, as work such as this, creates another realm for myself and artists alike to work in. We are born to create for the future, as we slave away in the present to become legends, and this video is definitely historical.