“Opening Door” 6/21-23: Academic Travel.


Three days, brought so much to the spirit, so much to my existence and confidence upon the dream that I wardrobe in tears, sweat and blood. As the multiple pairs of feet entered the inner sanctums of my home, the immediate connect of the eyes with creation was more than one’s words can depict efficiently. “Opening Door” this was for all us, the experience that answered so many questions, brought upon so many feelings and most importantly inspired so many hearts. Take this….the key to the door that unlocked doubt from my vault and provided me with three days of “black excellence” and appreciation. I present to you, my beginning.

Lost, in my time. Lost in your own solace, they visited and brought with them expectations, ideas and open minds ready for what I called a step of displacement. 6/21-6/23, were all I needed to offer? What I believed would surface positivity and encouragement….and indeed it did. Emotions, yes multiple, but I think you deserve a look at the pieces. First up…..

Academic Travel

Academic Travel: Time has shown us, that the human being can endure multiple issues of change and adaptation that have brought the race to its existent in this present day. Encountering different stories of our position here, have brought me to an appreciation for the “American” academic depiction of our place here. It shows us what history can truly represent, the winner’s story.

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