Press Preview: “Opening Door”: Anthony J. Thomas

A journey isn’t documented by accolades but moments like these. The only thing standing between now and then is this, as I am growing towards an appreciation of artistic brilliance and the becoming of the modest genius. Knowing what happens to the idle mind, currently has me running from fears and more towards an understanding of the world I am in.

“Opening Door” is a glimpse of the #AfricaInAmerica art project set for official debut mid-July. As the work is but a mere statement of what I really plan to say, this is a start. Time has shown me what lies in practice, so I want to show you.

The event will be held this week, in the Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn area, and will consist of a three day viewing. If any of my colleagues would like to visit, please comment below. You guys have watched me get here and I am happy to say I am glad you are here, I am blessed.