Re-Launch Address: GoodMorning Glory

It has been a severely long time since I have written a sincere note on the developments in my life and the future. So much has occurred since the warm day in September when I created this blog. We are in a good place to say the least, but there are some things I need to address, because from this point on, things will get a little bit more intense. For now, just take my hand.

1) TheBedStuyDandy:
This blog site is a diary, consisting of premonitions, philosophy, fashion and music…..think of it as twitter with consistent images and multiple messages to the morning. The demonitor of this blog remains grounded in “Black Dandyism” the reason why I began to claim myself as a “new-aged dandy” Finally, if there is anything I want you to take from this blog, is the beauty behind a soul’s position in creating a post, that is thought provoking, original and necessary. Oh yeah, check it out we have a .com. The future holds for us, more features, original content and the physical birth of my clothing line. Mamie.1950.

2) #AfricaInAmerica:
It is June, yes. I am certain my current project will do more than satisfy but bring forth change on both a personal and social level. As of now, I am scheduled for an art opening of my work during the week of June 21-23, but for my readers who are BedStuy foreign I will have a major photo-shoot, featuring my work, exclusively for the blog. Following this, will be a complete documentation, of the clothing production of the collection in detail. I had to rearrange plans, meet new people and see new things but when it arrives, I believe you will get the point.

3) Black Dandyism:
The primary denominator of this site, and most importantly the reason why it exists. I discovered Dandyism at a pivotal point of my academic career, where it has now become part of my everyday requiem, and also a huge part of the design structure of Mamie.1950. Bringing the idea of the “dandy” on more contemporary terms, I plan to highlight dandies in all nationalities, and backgrounds. Many believe the dandy is a symbol of intricate fabrication, yes,
but the dandy can also present his title through the medium of intellect, art and personality. Take a look at yourself you may be a dandy.

In any rate, welcome back, can we continue to make history?