“Visual Niche”: Kyle Bailey


Photography by Gavin Thomas

So the idea of the visual artist is one most taken for granted. For what we fail to see from the day to day decorum, an artist of the optical aesthetic can highlight within the split of a second. In a world of immediate gratification, desire and ignorance, there is always a sudden disconnect between the physical world and the appreciation of beauty which goes unrecognized consistently. This “new age” deserves an individual or legacy based on creative instinct, innovative design and an understanding of intense analysis. For these qualities, create the history needed to solidify greatness. With this in mind, I present to you Kyle Bailey.

Let’s place this in fragments…so I can entice you a bit. Okay, Kyle Bailey. Brooklyn. 16.18.22. Now things may seem confusing, but I trust I will simplify. Kyle Bailey, is a 22 year old, African American Director, currently nestled in the trenches of presenting his ideas of innovation to the world of cinematography. Inspired by the death of his grandmother (a design I am all too familiar with) and sincere camera purchase at the age of 16, Bailey began to intern and produce work for party promoters, while studying under the brilliance of Ralph McDaniels. Two years later 18, brought Bailey to the sight of independence and his decision to begin his own legacy by creating his own production company. The artist never prepares his step alone without conditioning, a popular motif for many  great artists which in turn, ensures success but more importantly a great sense of self-worth which resonates highly in Bailey’s work. So what does an incredible platform such as this produce?

In less than two years, Bailey has accomplished more than one can imagine within the confinements of the 12 month process. With a resume including more than fifty videos, features on MTV, MTV2, BET, French TV, Video Music Box, as well as multiple magazine publications, including notable publication: Source Magazine. What remains as the denominator of such success, is what Bailey finds most important with his team as well as his work: Respect. Respect fuels the machine, which continues to churn out work of beauty and a work ethic undeniable of authenticity. “I respect the people around me”, a solid principle for the Director who seems to be cultivating his talent with no apparent signs of slowing down.

Well 22, is basically the intellect’s prime, a period which the body, mind and heart are aligned to focus on the primary objective or goal. With the help of a great team, equipped with multi-faced Kristyn Schimmerling also known as “Schimmy” Bailey has a close figure, who he can pass the scepter to every once in a while. With sights set upon the creation of a short film, a slew of music videos and the domination of the New York  and West Coast visual industry, Bailey is not only crafting his talent but providing a lens, in which the audience can view his growth. The only thing separating Bailey from greatness, is change…better yet influence. If Kyle Bailey and crew can use their talents, resources and craft to influence culture now as well as the future, there is no doubt in my mind that “Kyle Bailey” will become the new standard.

As an artist myself, I have chosen a video which highlights the work that goes into the production of a video of the “Bailey Calibur”. This particular video, is the behind the scenes look at the first official video of Bed-Stuy native and Neo-Soul artist Saba Jenga’s single “Risky Business”:

Comments enabled (as they always are). If you like what you see, please visit: http://www.kylebaileyhd.com

Much more to come.

Well wishes…