Progression, African American Male and Fashion: Chantal Baez

As I continue to analyze the relationship between the African Diaspora and fashion, I have found individuals who are interested in the development of African American male identity and clothing. Fabrication and race continues to plague the perception of countless individuals today, leaving each and every one of us subject to judgment based on appearance and materialism. But for the African American male, clothing can shift identity and shape lives, creating a boundary between the performance of the skin and the performance of fabrication.

Chantal Baez, a current senior of Syracuse University of the Creative Writing and Art Photography program is conducting a senior photography exhibition of conceptualized work, that highlights the relationship between the African American male and fashion. The concept projects an eir of similarity with this site, which has given me the upmost confidence to endorse the project.

With most philanthropic endeavors, the project does need monetary assistance to become a reality. Baez currently has a site which inquires individuals who believe in the project like myself to donate in suggested increments that have a beneficial return, including a signed catalogue of the project’s photos or individual photos depending on your generosity.

If you are compelled by the idea of this project, please pay a visit to the site below and if you become even more entranced by the concept, please send your enthusiasm in a detailed message to the creator, Chantal Baez. In any rate, I encourage you to donate. Thank you!

African American Male Fashion

Well wishes….

UPDATE: The site has an assisting Tumblr with several photos:…Enjoy