#Influence: Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

The womb, can it only be considered as an element of physical birth associated with the inner beauty of the maternal figure? or can the womb in turn become represented by an environment that has shown you life taken, and experiences given. I ask this with my hometown in mind, one third of the reason why this site exists, and a majority of how I carry myself. This issue of influence focuses on Bedford-Stuyvesant and its immense influence on my menswear line Mamie. 

Bedford-Stuyvesant is my home, the womb in which I was raised and shown more than any television show or music single can depict. I was always enthralled by this little section of Brooklyn, that managed to gain such a negative reputation produced by individuals simply trying to survive. Within my twenty one years here, I have seen or heard of beautiful beings snatched away from the early years of childhood, and others gracefully called home in the midst of their older glory.

In my eyes, what makes my neighborhood so beautiful is the sense of unity and communion, that every person who lives here partakes in. We may be strangers, but in the end we are a group of brothers and sisters who in the end know our worth, so we fight for the world to know. As gentrification currently influences the “Bed-Stuy culture” we are gaining a new representation plagued with gun clips and artists.

I wouldn’t desire anywhere else to live. From almost being killed point blank, to playing basketball on the street with a milk crate, I was placed here for a reason. Bed-Stuy does not make my plight bigger, but makes my history, legacy and legend much more beautiful. Similar to the uniformed construction of a brownstone, Mamie represents a classic, unique aesthetic, developed from a deep place within my heart and my history. Please pay a visit to my neighborhood as my studio and home resides here, this post was well needed. Food for my soul…yours?

Well wishes….