#Influence: Street Etiquette

As I continue to honor my grandmother’s birthday: “63” 3.27.12 I will continue to let you guys a little into my world and continue to give you the elements that inspire my menswear line Mamie. This third element entails the brilliance and prominence of brothers Gumble and Kissi from the well-known Street Etiquette….

When I first  discovered the Street Etiquette culture, I was informed by both my Urban Male Initiative advisor and Journalism Professor about their flawless reporting, great site and excellent sense of style. During this time I was still reading Monica Miller’s book: Slaves to Fashion: Black Dandyism and the Styling of Black Diasporic Identity obsessively, and seeked any and everything that related to fashion and the African diaspora. When I came across StreetEtiquette.com, I was a bit skeptical as I believed it was just another site somewhat dedicated to “black dress” and personal style but I was mistaken (around this time, I was building the TheBedStuyDandy). The site quickly became one of my favorite places to visit on the web, as I would assist my Miller readings which focused on historical references of “black dandyism” with the contemporary work of Gumble and Kissi. Shortly after, the site became one of my notable referencing sites when explaining sartorial wear, and dress within the African American male community. I really appreciate the work of these two brothers, as it has motivated me to push harder and create a blueprint for my menswear line once it debuts. I would like you to join me in appreciation of the hard work and dedication the two place into the site as well as passing it along to a fellow dandy or provocateur of menswear. StreetEtiquette has definitely influenced Mamie, I owe a lot to the awareness they have brought my mind and growth. Thank you Travis Gumble and Joshua Kissi.

Side Note: My first Journalism story was about the two: Trust In Fabric: “Street Etiquette” and Journalism

Please pay the site a visit as well: Street Etiquette

Well wishes….Mamie…Africa In America….