GQ “Style Bible” and Aubrey Graham

The video below captures the essence of the GQ cover features and the methodology behind their selections. For their first ever stab at the “Style Bible” similar to Esquire’s “Big Black Book” the magazine employs some of the most versatile, well dressed men of the generation. This specific video, highlights their decision to feature musical artist Drake, on one of three covers released this month. Drake has always been a man of sartorial exposure, but in my eyes as of late has stepped away from the formal concept of dressing up. I was pleased to here his tale of wearing a suit or attire of formal wear and eating alone at an esteemed restaurant, in order to contemplate while appearing dandy…

I do agree with Mr. Graham’s statement of the pleasure and change that happens once you put on a suit or any ensemble that accentuates your characteristics, one being masculinity. A suit can transform the most low-self esteemed gent into a man of character, gentry and awesome etiquette. As I state in my dandy research, every element of society including fashion is part of a much larger collective of identity. There will never be a disconnect between identity, performance and fashion.Their love triangle will never die. Enjoy…

Oh a few shots:

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Thanks GQ: Gentleman’s Quarterly

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