When I Was Six Years Old You Left Us…Notorious B.I.G

More than music defined my brother Christopher Wallace’s life. Truth, explicit truth and authenticity made this man one of the most prolific lyricists of all time. Being born and raised in Bed-Stuy, knowing about Biggie was not only a rite of passage, but a motif of interest as you always wanted to know about the big guy that made it from down the block. I was only six years old when Biggie died, and at that time idolized Bad Boy Records and their initial mark on the hip-hop industry. I remember I would spend the night at my best friend Cory’s house and when Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems video came on, we would definitely choose who we would be…I was always Puff…

Now that I am old enough to understand the concept of death, hate, jealousy and negative energy I still cannot understand why someone would kill another man or black man trying to accomplish more than drug slinging, or the prison sytem designed for young brothers’ like me. His music was a true art: storytelling at its finest, an image that was timeless and more style than any other brother I knew. The first fashion fact I ever knew about BIG, was his custom Versace pieces made directly from the fashion house. He had incredible taste, charm and intelligence. This man is truly missed and although this post is a day late, yesterday I felt the passion and remembrance of Mr.Wallace throughout the neighborhood. Bedford-Stuyvesant is my home and I am proud to say I shared it with one of the greatest lyricists in the history of rap music. Thank you BIG. I was only six years old when you left us!