Take A Listen Tuesday:

No the title is not what it seems. I will not start a trend named “Take A Listen Tuesdays”, I was just pressured to put a title…by who you ask? Myself. In any rate, my morning started very early due to my intense itinerary. I discovered new music….and when I do, I make sure to tell you guys first.

Chase N. Cashe is one of many members of the multi-talented group Surf Club. If you are unfamiliar on who the Surf Club is in the realm of Hip-hop, you may want to turn your radio to your local Hip-hop and R&B station. The melodic yet repititious tone of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s WTT hit “N— In Paris was produced by HitBoy, a producer also a part of the Surf Club brotherhood. Chase N. Cashe has also produced for Canadian artist Drake and has a track on his recently released album Take Care: “Look What You’ve Done” one of my favorite songs on the album.

Before I get distracted, Chase N. Cashe’s new mixtape the Heir Up There is one of his finest works to date. Hosted by DJ Drama, the mixtape has a legendary DJ and great production by some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop, but this isn’t why you should listen. The  tape has a great sense of authenticity and emotion that can only be produced by a person who has taken a spiritual trip, and understands themselves and place in the world. I enjoy it, and I just thought to share it with you guys. Below is the artwork and link to the mixtape.

Disclaimer: Wait, there aren’t any caveats. Enjoy!

Thank you Mike Waxx (ILLROOTS): Download