Construction with Thought: Atlanta, GA & Striver’s Row @StriversRow

With all the generous talk of Striver’s Row in the realm of music, I decided to research the company that sounds very much like my dream location of procuring an internship Savile Row. After giving Google the good ol’ first try, the  fashion line’s website appeared. Quickly jumping to the collection, I noticed the very intricate design of their denim, and emphasis on their love for craftsmanship. I quickly favored the site for it’s classic, southern feel and as it appears great conditioning for what the brand stands for. The brand seems to dance on the line between African American history, and the direction of the contemporary denim market. As we all know in the U.S,  the denim market is dominated by Japan, where the cotton as well as selvedge denim is usually manufactured overseas. The company not only acknowledges this change, but also integrates the change into the framework of their brand. Similar to the brother Ouigi Theodore at Brooklyn Circus, Striver’s Row has a classic aesthetic that not only represents their niche, but the lifestyle they wish to present to the consumer. I have already created my list of destinations for this year, and I have just added Atlanta, GA and Striver’s Row.

Something you should witness with me: Striver’s Row