Construction with thought…Designer Scott Kendall.

Two years ago, I met with Kendall Scott in a cramped Broadway Starbucks location where we discussed artistry, clothing, modernism and the inspiration behind many of the pieces in his portfolio. Backtrack three weeks before that I sent an add to the artist on Facebook, after viewing his work through the graces of a friend I met in the program City At Peace. After  receiving the confirmation, Kendall and I were both eager to meet with each other to speak on our vision, and hopes to one day procure a clothing line. This was the state of every meeting between the artist and I… When our third meeting arrived I was ahead of Kendall in the realm of designing, well clothing and he was ahead of me in the realm of designing, well artistry. Little did I know that today, I would see the birth of Scott’s line and a solid friendship grounded on the basis of intelligence and the artist perspective.

Random Consumer is one of my favorite ART design brands because the pieces highlight the relationship between the commerical industry and the consumer. Scott’s pieces not only force attention of the brain, but awareness of the eye. Each piece is a glimpse into the mind of the artist, and his take on the world we all live in.What makes the clothing original is the hand work and craft that is placed behind each piece before the art reaches the hands of “us” the consumer. Rarely do you find many designers, who are willing to share their gift with others so openly, but this is the ground on which Random Consumer was built. Today, backed by the notable Addictive Kaos, LLC. Kendall Scott now has the resources in his arsenal required, in order to create the platform he needs to become a commodity. With toys, jewelry and a gallery in the works, little is out of reach for the artist who I call my brother and friend. Random Consumer does not follow the current designer cliche: “we make this for the society of people who are not understood”…sorry I had to add this, but he does make clothing for the individuals who find difficulty making themselves understood in a world of commercial glitz and value.


Imitating our earlier meetings in the Soho area, I met with Kendall Scott, and another fellow intellectual Damion Blair to receive my commemorative piece by the name of “The Big Cheese”. The shirt is 100% cotton, and is tailored for a very comfortable fit. More important than the fit, is the artist’s signature assisting the design, which reflects Scott’s early graffiti days that I believe he still cannot shake. There is too much in store for the artist and his creation, I just wanted to give you guys a little bit of insight. We are all Random Consumers’, this time around there’s someone here to help us understand a little bit more. Cheers to my brother Scott Kendall.


I have to go to work in thirty minutes…but before I forget here’s the man behind the brand, and his brand:

Kendall Scott: Facebook

Random Consumer: Fanpage

Well wishes…