Athens: New Renaissance.

Remember the upcoming magazine I spoke of about two months ago? Well I am proud to say that Athens: New Renaissance is currently moving towards production, and slated for publication at the bottom of this month. The magazine is no longer focused on the idea of the “upcoming artist”, but more on the passion and struggle that adds to the persona and push for said artist to reach for success. I fully endorse the magazine, not because I write for the mag (shameless plug) but because Athens has an incredible opportunity to rejuvenate the magazine market, by highlighting the generation that is ignored by the major publications available today. Print is dying, but anything dead can become resurrected.

Below is the Editor In Chief:Bria Brown discussing the magazine and it’s goal. The first issue will be available at several physical locations, for now just watch the throne… so cliche right!

Well wishes…

Oh yeah before I leave, if you agree with the mission, like Athens: New Renaissance: