This video is both inspiring and a wake up call. The video is by Ben Breedlove, an 18 year old who passed away on Christmas due to heart complications. The video stood out to me, because it represented a soul that admires life and just wanted the best. The interesting part to me was Ben’s favor of Kid Cudi, and his vision of the two wearing suits and the inclusion of “Mr. Rager” also one of my favorite Kid Cudi’s songs. I have a heavy sense of relation with the young man, because I also have a heart condition (arrhythmia) that doctors have repeatedly told me is getting better. I am not scared of death, because I cannot dictate or predict my death I can only pray to GOD to let me change the world before I leave this Earth. At times I feel connectivity and communication should not be offered to everyone, but only those who appreciate the next man and values their life as well as others. I do not know…it is very early and this video definitely touched my heart. Appreciate life.

Well wishes…