More than a thought, more than a dream. I knew my life would turn out to be an existence of special occasion and I was damn right. In two hours I will stand as a 21 year old man. I honestly feel like I am 87. Today made me realize that talent should never be wasted and words should never be used to hurt another person. My dear brother and I spoke today about lies and truth I stated “Don’t live a lie, because that same lie can kill you”. In other words why give life to something dead. A  lie is dead information, fact or statement. I feel when I speak I am giving life to ideas, and to better phrase what I mean I will use the word “prophecy”. We determine where we can go with our words, whatever we speak becomes prophecy and whatever we do becomes legacy. Live life to teach life. It’s a lesson we all should master, but some go without the chance. I cannot let that happen. So cheers to 21! Thank you for being here. -TheBedStuyDandy

Well wishes…